I started my first trading company in 1969 and from that time to the present my love of turquoise as never ended.Today I own seven turquoise mines in Nevada including the Lander Blue and offer the finest natural turquoise cabochons available for the jeweler and the collector.

I travel all over Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico to find the world’s most beautiful turquoise and specialized in material from the 7 classic mines of Nevada:  Lander Blue, Lone Mtn, Number 8, Nevada Blue, Red Mtn, Indian Mtn and the Godber-Burnham.  I also buy beautiful turquoise from the present and past mine owners of the Apache Blue, Carico Lake, Damele, Fox, Darling Darlene, Drycreek, Easter Blue, Kingman, Morenci, Pilot Mtn, and Royston.  I sell only the finest all natural, high-grade turquoise stones available.

Bob Brucia – The Turquoise Trail is the blog of the www.nevadagem.com and the www.landerblueturquoise.com (email: info@nevadagem.com/phone: 530-626-5046)


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